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30 November 2012

Beeswax Everywhere!

This Fall, Ronnie harvested his honey and I rendered the beeswax.  I mean, I see all over Pinterest where people spend good money on beeswax.  I certainly wasn't going to let it go to waste.

Last week, my friend Tracey from Building My House came over and made beeswax lip gloss and lotion.  It was actually very easy.  We had plenty of time for chatting and coffee which in my book makes any project a success. 

Here are the recipes we used:

For the lotion you'll need:
1 cup olive oil
1/2 cup coconut oil
1/2 cup beeswax
1/2 tsp vitamin E oil
20 drops of essential oil if desired - we didn't use this.

For the lip gloss you'll need:
4 Tbsp. of beeswax
2 Tbsp. coconut oil
1/2 honey
5-10 drops of essential oil - we used spearmint.

Both recipes worked the same way.  Also because we didn't want to clean up a big mess with making a double boiler, we used clean old mason jars that we could just toss afterwards. I had a couple with chipped rims perfect for this job.

Step one: 
Gather all your ingredients and add them to an old mason jar.

Set jars in a pot of water and bring to boil.

Use this as a type of double boiler until the beeswax is melted, then carefully remove the jars.

Carefully pour the hot mixture into your containers.  We used empty baby food jars for most of it, but Tracey also brought some cute little lip gloss containers as well.

This was me, not carefully pouring the very hot wax/oil mixture.  And then crying a little.   Did I mention to pour it carefully?

It sits up pretty quickly.  I'm using on the boys every night.  It's really a nice texture and so very rich.

Here's the final product:

This was such an easy project, I'm planning on doing it  again when we harvest our Spring honey. 

Thanks again to Tracey for helping with another of my hair brained schemes.


Tracey said...

You haven't gotten me in trouble-- yet.

Rachel E. said...

Your blog looks cute! A big change indeed. I didn't know your husband farmed bees. How great is that? Looks like you had a great time.

Charli said...

Thanks Rachel. The blog was an unexpected change. I was just trying to figure out how to make my profile picuture bigger when I stumbled upon this. I totally wasted way to much time Wednesday night doing it, but I just love the way it looks.
And yes. Ronnie loves his bees. Me, I'm liking them better each year. This is the first year I've gotten honey and beeswax from them.

Vicki Pyles said...

So you truly can mind your own beeswax. Baaahaaa

Charli said...

Very funny Vick. Very funny. :)