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22 January 2013

Be My Valentine: Week One.

I'm joining up with Courtney over at Women Living Well for the Be My Valentine Challenge.  It plays right into my Project Peacock that I'm doing this year.

Be My Valentine is about doing something nice for our husbands for the four weeks leading up to Valentine's Day. 

For week one, we're going to look for ways to praise our husbands. 

“The wise woman builds her house,
but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.”
~Proverbs 14:1
     Sometimes it's easier to complain than to praise.  Believe it or not, I'm not perfect.  I can be a handful to live with at times.  When Ronnie compliments me, it makes my heart sing.  But even better than that is when I hear from someone else that he has complimented me.  Swoon. 

Let's not only spend time this week complimenting our husbands to them, but if the occasion arises, let's speak positivity about them to others. 

Maybe there are some of you who may have trouble right now coming up with something positive to say about your husband.  Maybe the best you can do this week is to not criticize him.  Instead of letting the words out of your mouth, give them to God.  Ask him to help you to find the good in your husband.  And know that you are in my prayers. 

So let me start this week off by a big ol' public announcement about my husband:

I am so blessed to have Ronnie as my husband.  I am thankful that I waited to marry the man that God wanted to bring into my life.  A man who cherishes me.  A man who is head over heals for his boys.  A man who teaches them godly principals and who they look up to.  A man who is passionate, funny, and kind.  A man who works hard to provide for our family.  A man who not only tolerates my many schemes, but has many schemes of his own.  He brings excitement, joy and love to my life and I am thankful.

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