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23 January 2013

Tell me what you think.

Today I need a favor from you. 

Grab your coffee, find a warm snuggly spot and share your mind with me.

I mentioned on Monday that I'm sharing with my women's group at church about memorizing scripture.  I have a few tips or tricks, if you will, that I use to memorize the verses I've chosen, but I want to talk about why.  Why is it important to memorize the Bible?  We know it is, because we're told in Psalm 119:10 & 11:
I seek you with all my heart; do not let me stray from your commands.
I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.
I know my reasons for memorizing scripture.  I want to have the immediate truth of God's word stored in my mind, so that when I'm faced with any situation that is overwhelming, or makes me want to despair I can know the truth of God's word.  When I'm talking to someone who is facing a struggle in their life, I can comfort them with the word of God.  When I'm speaking with someone who doesn't know the overwhelming love of Christ, I can share the truth and hope found in God's word clearly, instead of stumbling around saying "Well, somewhere in the Bible it says.....". 
Those are a few of my reasons.  I'd love to hear yours.
Please take a moment to comment and share why you feel it's important to memorize scripture. 


Rachel E. said...

Personally, I struggle with memorizing scripture, at least the whole thing or where it's located. But, I do know it makes it easier to comfort people (self included) when I know verses off the top of my head. I know there have been times I needed some sort of verse and skimmed forever just hoping to find something. I have been memorizing with the kids for school. It makes it easier.

Charli said...

I have the same problem. I usually have an easier time memorizing the verse than where it's located (or the address,as I call it).

Audrey Simmons said...

One of the reasons I find memorizing scripture most helpful is in the area of spiritual warfare. By that, I mean simply that it helps me know more clearly when I'm being attack in a certain area because I know the reasons the Bible says I shouldn't have to feel/act a certain way. It also helps me to pray effectively for myself and others-- if I'm praying scripture or praying with certain scriptures in mind, I'm less likely to start praying things that are out of line with the Word just because those things sound nice to me.

Charli said...

Good point about lining up with God's Word. Love that. Thanks Audrey!

MyJourneyBack said...

Hi Charli, I think my reasons are mostly the same. I am just trying really hard on memorizing it is difficult. I am trying more to pray scripture also. Just trying to worship and praise and live the way God wants me to.
BTW thanks for following me. I put a linky on todays post for date night. Not sure if it is working. I'll be writing my post about your ideas tomorrow. Come by and see me. Have a wonderful day. Hope you get some good feedback for your presentation.

Kathleen Guire said...

I agree with Audrey and Sherry. We must use the Word as our weapon. If we don't know it, how do we use it? I to pray the Word, I write it out long hand on index cards and keep it on my night stand. If you read something enough, it begins to stick.

Harriet said...

I love to be able to recite to our three kids why we believe like we believe. Knowing what His word says shows them that we believe with a purpose, not just because it was the way we were raised or because it is a ritual we saw our parents and grandparents practice. It is because we know the Lord in a personal way.
Love you posts!

MyJourneyBack said...

Hi Charli, I reposted Project Peacock today at My Journey Back. Here's the link
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Have a wonderful day. Thanks for sharing Project Peacock.

Charli said...

Harriet, I was working on my message last night and that's exactly what I kept coming back to. It's not about rote memorization just to say I can do this. It's knowing His words because those very words mean so much to me. If Jesus is the guiding force in my life, His words should be important enough for me to remember them. Thanks for sharing!

young wife&mom said...

So often the Holy Spirit brings to my mind a verse to share and encouarge others with--one that has been memorized. I know this happened alot while I was working as a nurse. I couldn't stop pushing chemo to say..Wait..Hold on..I've got a verse in the bible I want to read to you. I had a friend tell me she couldn't understand the point of it--as long as you read your Bible frequently. But in life--whatever job you have--you never see professionals reading from a manual 8 hours a day to get the job done. They have memorized and learned the important things--so that when they are in the heat of battle--whether a police officer, a nurse, etc..they aren't digging around trying to figure out what to do next
Lastly--I know personally for me--during dark times--when the last thing I want to do is open the bible--the Holy Spirit uses those verses to remind me of his presence his truth even when I would rather he not! ha.
It's a discipline though--and its tough to take the time to do it. I am so thankful for homeschooling. Without fail its the very first thing we do each day. We all start on Monday--say the verse 3 times each day and by Friday we have it down. We also review every 5 weeks. so that week we reivew one verse from the past 5 weeks/each day. its great. i've went from struggling in that discipline to having over 60 verses memorized in two school years! i love hearing claire's sweet voice repeating verses throughout the day.

Charli said...

Lori, love this. And I'm probably stealing a large part of it for my lesson tomorrow. Thanks!