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29 January 2013

Be My Valentine: Week Two.

So how did you do with your positive words? 

This one wasn't too hard for me.  Watching my words is something I've been asking God to help me with for quite some time.  I'm getting better. 

This week is pour on the praise week:

Week 2 Challenge – This week we will be a little more creative with our praise.
How?  Write it out.  You can send a note in his lunch, write him a letter letting you know what he means to you, stick post it notes around the house with "I love you"..... you get the idea.  Just write it out!

I love this challenge.  About five years ago, I wrote my prayer for Ronnie at that time out on a piece of paper and gave it to him as a gift.  A just because gift.  We had just had our third baby in four years and life was crazy.  He loved it.  He still keeps it in the top drawer of his nightstand.  I know it can make you feel a little vulnerable to do something so out of the ordinary, but that's what makes it special. 

Here's what I'm finishing up making for Ronnie this week. 

Thank goodness for Pinterest, right?
For more ideas, hop on over to Women Living Well to see Courtney's 10 creative ways to say I love you.
What are your ideas for this week's challenge? 
“The wise woman builds her house,
but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.”
~Proverbs 14:1


Lori said...

Post its! YES! Jacob is always the first to bed and the first up....so this would be perfect on the bathroom mirror or inside his truck window!

J said...

Awesome ideas!