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30 January 2013

My new favorite devotional.

Remember when I shared with you about The Dig?  We really enjoyed that as a family devotional, but unfortunately we're done with it and volume two hasn't been published yet. 

Not to worry!  Look what I found:

We bought The Action Bible for Joshua last year and it was a complete hit.  I often find him in the corner of the couch just reading to himself from this Bible.  He loves the comic book layout.  I was so excited when I stumbled upon the devotional based on it. 
It contains 52 weekly devotions divided into the following sections:
  • An illustrated story from the Action Bible
  • A key verse.
  • X-ray vision:  Thoughts to connect the story with your life.
  • Your Mission:  Three ideas to put the theme in action.
  • Your Debrief:  Three questions to spark some brain cells.
  • Mission Accomplished:  Space to make some notes to remember.
  • Share the Adventure:  Ideas to involve friends.
It also has occasional pages where you can write, draw, cut & paste - whatever you want to do to be creative. 
We are loving it.  We do a little each day, as well as doing our verse for the week. 
One thing I do want to make clear is that The Action Bible and it's devotional are great resources, but they aren't what I consider a real Bible.  We still sit down and read the story for the week from our real Bible.  Any work that we do for school is also done from our real Bible.  However, this is a great resource.  It has my kids more interested in reading great Bible stories than about superheros.   To me, that's a homerun. 
I picked mine up from Amazon for around $12. 



Selena said...


Iain would love that. We have the graphic Bible from No Greater Joy ministries, which is similar, but is black and white so they can color it themselves.

Thanks for sharing!

Marsha said...

My kids love the Action Bible, too. We still read directly from our Bibles, but the Action Bible gives them some visual reference. Often they will read something from the Action Bible, then look up the corresponding passage and read that to get more detail. It's been a great Bible learning tool for us!