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03 June 2013

Menu Plan Monday for June 3rd.

Well hello again, Monday!  How'd you get here so fast?

This week should be my last week of break neck speed.  Should be.  I'm on call the next three days, plus my regular work day.  I also have some fun stuff planned - a cheese making class on Thursday and our church's yard sale on Saturday.  I can't wait to get rid of some stuff (and make a little cash).  Then after the yard sale, I'm heading to DC with my sister in law Carla for a mini vacation.  Two adults, six kids - it may not be relaxing, but it will be fun!

This weekend, we had a little sadness.  Something got one of our chickens.  It was a hard day.  At first, we were missing three chickens, but we found two of them up in the woods behind my mom's home.  You should have seen the neighbors helping us try to catch them.  I dubbed it "The great Colfax chicken chase".  The coop is now like Fort Knox - and Ronnie is working on getting our real coop finished.  It will be much more secure that our hoopty dog kennel. 

We also went to a fantastic birthday party Saturday.  My friend Cessna had make your own pizza, cupcake, and ice cream stations.  It was a ton of fun!  Thankfully, Josh wants to do that know for his birthday in September instead of Valley Worlds of Fun or Chuck E Cheese (neither of which were really an option). 

Speaking of birthdays, my mom's husband, Doug, has a birthday today.  I have to say he's a great guy and probably my favorite of all her husbands.  She finally got it right!  We're having them over for dinner tonight to celebrate. 

Without any further rambling, here's this week's menu:

Monday:  Grilled chicken, fried potatoes and salad
Tuesday:  Black bean & pineapple enchiladas, fiesta lime rice salad (new recipes)
Wednesday:  Crock pot lasagna, green beans
Thursday:  Hot dogs and sauce, peaches.
Friday:  Pizza night.
Saturday & Sunday:  Leftovers for Ronnie - we're heading to DC.

As always, check out orgjunkie.com for more great menu ideas.


Marsha said...

Colfax? I used to go swimming and tubing out at the river there when I was a kid/teen. Played on those islands in the river many times. Glad you recovered two of your chickens.

Charli said...

What a small world! It's a great place to go tubing.