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29 July 2013

Menu Plan Monday for July 29th

Anyone else notice the school supplies in the stores? 

Or are you as amazed as I am that Summer has flown by?

This week starts my Four Weeks to Fill the Freezer plan.  Once school starts back in full swing, life gets a little crazier.  Add in canning season and it's plan ol' nuttso.  The plan is to focus on one area each week until I have some meals or meal starters waiting in my freezer, hopefully making life a little easier.  I'll share more about that tomorrow in case you want to join me.

Saturday, Ronnie & I had an impromptu date while the boys went to my mom's to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  We checked out the Farmer's Market in Veteran's Square where I picked up a cabbage that is literally as big as my head as well as a bag of normal sized peaches.  Then went to a pawn shop where I scored a great guitar & a laptop for Josh's birthday in September - at a fantastic price.  We ended our morning out around noon and swung by Heavenly Hoagies for lunch.  It was a great, lazy day and probably one of our last lazy days for a while.  We're picking the corn tomorrow evening after work and the beans shouldn't be too far behind.  

This week, our life is more of the same.  I'm still working an extra day in the cath lab and I'm hoping to fit in our missed trip to Hovatter's this week.  They have a new baby giraffe - you know how I love that giraffe.  If I thought I could mix it in with the chickens, I'd totally try to bring it home. 

This week's menu is all about keeping it simple:

Monday:  Hot dogs & sauce, potato wedges and peaches
Tuesday:  Cabbage rolls & mashed potatoes & applesauce
Wednesday: Crock pot tilapia, broccoli & carrots
Thursday:  Crock pot chicken, baked potatoes & corn on the cob
Friday:  Chicken ranch tacos & salad
Saturday:  Pizza night
Sunday:  Leftovers or breakfast for dinner

Don't forget to check back tomorrow for more about filling the freezer.  Oh, and don't forget to stop by orgjunkie.com for more great menu planning ideas.

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