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21 October 2013

Menu Plan Monday for October 21st.

My goal of no heat till trick or treat failed over the weekend.  It's was only 64 in the house before we went to sleep on Saturday and I knew it would be ridiculous when we woke up.  I'm not that surprised.  The Farmer's Almanac is calling for a bad winter with our area being "cold, wet & white".  Also, I've been seeing a lot of fat black wooly worms.  And yes, that's the kind of thing I base my weather predictions on.  Who needs Accuweather forecasts?  I have wooly worms.

This week we'll be digging up the potatoes and readying them for the cellar as well as dehydrating a batch.  Have I mentioned lately how happy I am that my brother in law bought a giant dehydrator at Lowe's this year?  And that he and Cindy let me be the one to break it in?  Seriously, it's amazing.  I also have plans to finally cut up the whole chickens in the freezer and the last round I'm picking up this weekend.  Some will be canned, but most will go back into the freezer after they're cut into parts.  By being lazy this Summer and not doing this after they came home from Emily's, I now have no room in my freezers.  Part of my chickens are at my mom's and part of the cow is at my brothers.  I have to get these girls cut up so I don't have to run across town to get ground beef.

Anyway, I'm cold.  That's the whole of that.  And I'm hungry.  So without further ado, here's the menu:

Monday:  Pork ribs, baked potatoes and salad
Tuesday:  Loaded soup beans and cornbread
Wednesday:  Moist, baked chicken green beans and baked apples
Thursday:  Best meatloaf ever, mashed potatoes and carrots
Friday:  Hot turkey sub, salad and oranges
Saturday:  Chicken ranch tacos, refried beans and corn.
                  (Taco meat from the freezer and making refried beans from Tuesday's soup beans)
Sunday: Sour cream noodle bake,  green beans and applesauce.

And that's it.  I'm planning on using the oven quite a bit this week because it warms up the whole house before bath and bedtime, without having to use the furnace too much.  And that's always a good plan.

So what's good at your place this week?

1 comment:

Maria said...

I'm making meatloaf this week too! Actually, the same recipe, because I copied it from your blog a long time ago and you are right, it's amazing! I also found a small chicken in my freezer that I'm going to cook in the crock and maybe make some soup or something with it. And chili. It's definitely chili weather! :)