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03 February 2014

Menu Plan Monday: The Birthday Edition.

That's right.  It's my birthday week!

Seriously, why celebrate one day when you can stretch it out for a week, right?

I "accidentally" started birthday week when I was working in the cath lab full time.  Back in the day, the pacemaker and drug reps would bring in lunch (good stuff like Oliverio's, not just cold sandwiches).  Anyway, I'm a friendly gal, so when they would call, I would mention is was my birthday week.  We always got a week of awesome free lunches that way.  And usually a couple of cakes from Bonnie Bell's.  After a decade of that kind of treatment, it's hard to quit.  I've managed to convince Ronnie that you really do celebrate my birthday for a whole week.  More proof that man loves me. 

So basically, this isn't that much of a menu as a list of places we're eating this week.  And since we kicked off birthday week on Saturday with pancakes at Cracker Barrel, I have no intention of cooking until Saturday.  So here you go:

Monday:  Dinner at Marion's
Tuesday:  Dinner out with Aunt Lynn
Wednesday:  My actual birthday and we'll have dinner at Muriel's or Copperhouse Grill
Thursday:  Leftovers from all our meals out.
Friday:  Mexican with Tracy & Ben before seeing the Lego movie.
Saturday:  Chicken and dumplings, carrots, applesauce
Sunday:  Steak, baked potatoes and green beans

No dishes, no cooking - Happy Birthday to me! 

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