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10 December 2012

Menu Plan Monday for December 10th.

Oh my goodness!  This weekend was exceptionally great.  Ronnie & I went Friday to Stonewall Resort for our twelfth anniversary.  We went out to dinner at the Outback, which was where we had our first date, then we drove down to the resort.  Ronnie had bought a beautiful arrangement of daisies and had them in the room when we arrived.
My brother had left a tray of fruit and cheeses for us, as well as taking care of our stay.  It was so relaxing!  The next morning we finished our Christmas shopping and after picking up the boys, we put up our tree and decorated the inside of our home.

I know I was quite last week but our giant upright freezer quit working.  It was a minor disaster.  Thanks to my mom and my BFF Vicki we were able to move some food around.  The best news was that the guys at Double D Appliance fixed it quickly and for $68.  We've used them before and they have always been very fair.  I'm so thankful that I didn't have to buy a new freezer two weeks before Christmas.

This week should be somewhat low key.  Our homeschool co-op is on break until next year and we really don't have a lot on our calendar for this weekend.  Sounds like a great time to drive around and see the lights.

Here's what's on this weeks menu:

Monday: Honey grilled chicken, stuffed potatoes, glazed carrots
Tuesday: Smothered Venison Burritos, salad and fruit.
Wednesday:  Crockpot Chicken and stuffing, green beans
Thursday:  Easy Alfredo, salad and garlic cheese biscuits.
Friday:  Broiled Tilapia, baked potatoes and broccoli
Saturday:  Pizza night
Sunday:  Roast chicken, mashed sweet potatoes, and green beans.

I still have a ton of potatoes to use up.  Even though we canned (and canned, and canned) potatoes last month, I still have about 25 pounds of sweet potatoes and maybe 50 pounds of white.  I'm going to try to use them up and avoid canning any more.  Mostly because I'm a little sick of canning right now. 

Oh wait!  I forgot to mention that Ronnie bought me new dishes for my anniversary.  And yes, I asked for them.  From now on my pictures should show my beautiful WV made Fiestaware. 

Don't forget to check out orgjunkie.com for more great menu planning ideas.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful weekend! Glad you had some hubby time! I LOVE the Double D repair guys- they have saved our fridge and freezer more than once- and so fair & reasonable! Hope you enjoy your low-key week! (Have you gone to see the lights at Morris Park for $5?)

Charli said...

I'm planning on Morris Park this weekend. They always have such a nice display and it's only $5 a carload.